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Application backgroundWireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) play a vital role in today’s real world applications. The effectiveness of WSNs purely depends on the data collection scheme. Numerous data collection schemes such as multipath, chain, tree, cluster and hybrid topologies are...

In the NS2 environment, the simulation of the wireless network is simulated with the GPSR routing protocol.

Application backgroundThe TCL source code is embedded in the GPSR NS2 protocol, the use of the GPSR routing protocol for wireless network simulation. Inside the code has detailed code notes, very suitable for beginners to learn, and on the basis of other development....

OLSR protocol code

Application backgroundOLSR in the implementation of the MANET routing protocol code, OLSR is the key concept of multi point relay (MPRs), MPRs is in the process of radio flooding in the selection of the forwarding broadcast of the node. Traditional link state protocol, each node forwarding it to rec...

adhoc on demand routing

its is                 ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ddddddddddddddddddddddd dddddddddddddddddddddddd e...

creating wireless nodes in ns2

The node will create in the wireless network in ns2. The corresponding nodes will transfer the packets . Node created in 50 that can be evaluated the transmission....

code simulator ns2

simulator active queue management in ns2 as Blue, fairblue ...

batman alghoritm

batman algorithm for computer wireless ad hoc networks that is simulated in ns2 environment.  ...


this is a tcl code for unicast routing protocol  to be simulate in NS2.This code set 10 nodes and make a topology of 10 nodes to simulate in network simulator.The tcl code is used to write routing protocols and to find different parameters of protocol i.e throughput,delay time,packet ratio etc....

simulation of aodv with ns2

this project will simulate the peformances of aodv protocol with ns2 azaeazez     zdqdfcvdgbf qsdgsfdhsgh,a hsgyrezerzerrtyrrrrrrrrrrrrayzrg...

802.11 and Bounded Slowdown (BSD)

IMPLEMENTATION A wireless link supporting PSM is modeled using an OTcl object called a PSLink. /ns-2.1b8a_changes/ contains the ns-2.1b8a C++ files which were changed to support the wireless link model. Minimal changes were made to the ns-2 code to enable PSLink. Sleep mo...

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