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code simulator ns2

simulator active queue management in ns2 as Blue, fairblue ...

batman alghoritm

batman algorithm for computer wireless ad hoc networks that is simulated in ns2 environment.  ...

Ad-Hoc TCP

family:'Times New Roman';font-size:medium;line-height:normal;white-space:normal;"> URSA NS-2 code for the mobile, ad hoc security protocols (URSA) is now available. Please contact Petros Zerfos ( for further details. SCAN NS-2 code for Self-Orga...

NS 2 Scence file Creation

ns2 scene file creation will be displayed.Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) widely adopted for various Sensor Network variations. It has become one of the most used bases for developing new architecture protocols or modifying the existing one in WSN...


haul.generally we take a distance between 2 node as 250m it can be extended to more than 1000m by changing threshold level of the node.It one of the best way of routing in routing technique....

5 Nodes creating a CBR connection

This program contains 5 nodes creating a connection and providing the connection in CBR(Constant Bit Rate) in wireless sensor network...

Cooperative network

In this code is used to know the Packet classification of the sending packets...In the trie based routing is formed detween the each and every node............


Adhoc on demand distance vector routing protocol is implemented in NS2.35 with all features it will used for all kind of research...

wireless sensor networks

size:16px;">DescriptionNodes are configured with specific parameters of a mobile wireless node.After creating the nam file and trace file, we set up topography object. set node_ ($i) [$ns node] is used to create the nodes. Initial location of the nodes is fixed. Specific X, Y coo...

code of aodv protocol and dsdv and tora with parameters

size:16px;">Tcl/Tk 示例代码和带有 AODV DSR TORA 议定书 VOIP 的 Tcl/Tk 教程...


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