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AOMDV simulation network

2 simulations shows that AOMDV is able to effectively cope with mobility-induced route failures. ...

Create wireless simulator in NS2

Tcl script help to create the wireless network simulator to enhance the innovative idea by the software....

Introduction to NS2

align:left;"> NS2 是专为研究而设计的开源事件驱动模拟器计算机通信网络中。NS2 自 1989 年成立以来, 不断得到来自业界、 学术界和政府的极大兴趣。都在不断研究与改进多年来,现在的 NS2 包含众多网络组件 (如路由模块的传...

ns2 Simulator for Sample Coding in Wireless

Code: NS2 Simulator is Wireless sample test.The wireless networking model can be created using Tool Command Language (TCL) script with fixed number of nodes. The sample code discussed below models the wireless network with nodes. Nodes are configured with the components of channel, networking interf...


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