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ns2 programming for udp and tcp protocle

this code is for implement  CBR in udp and FTP in tcp protocles. this project has 4 node with diffrent Configure...


Improvement based on TORA routing protocol in Ad hoc network routing algorithm for wireless sensor network...

AntNet Protocol for NS 2.33

This protocol is used for ns2 simulations using antnet. Antnet is a biological network protocol to find the shortest path out of multiple paths from source to destination nodes. How ants find the food in nature without central control, a node can also find the path....

UDP datagram transmission simulation network information

Use NS2 to simulate network communication, the client files fame clien.Tcl server file named server.Tcl, this code is using UDP protocol, a connectionless transport, you must first start the server, and then start the client...

Wireless Sensor Neworks codes

Codes for simulating simple Wireless sensor network. For wireless networks, carrier sensing and related activities (for example binary exponential backoff) are done by ns-2's own built-in MAC and PHY layer classes - you do not need to bother with it at all. You have to worry about your own...


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