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simple wireless simulation in NS2

This code is just for demonstrating the basic simulation of wireless network using Network simulator(NS2). DSDV routing protocol is used and ...

tcl script for wireless node creation and communication

size:16px;">此文件是用于建立无线节点创建和它们之间的通信。它定义的特定网络节点的范围,然后给出了通信。它使用 NS2 进行通信。...

How to create Dynamic Wireless Network in ns2

The dynamic wireless network in ns2 can be modeled using rand function in Tool Command Language (TCL) script. The number of nodes in the network varies dynamically during the runtime. The dynamic wireless network allocates the dynamic location for each node. The sample3.tcl file shows the dynamic ne...

Mannanism for WSN

size:16px;">对于WSN应用在NS2 Mannasim使用它包含ns2.35修改文件夹。只需将这些文件复制到正确的位置和改变make文件。...

Energy Model in NS2

size:16px;">为该分子模型在 ns2 我们从此 toc 更改在文件中,以便我们可以模拟在 ns2 的分子模型。为此 和 aodv.h 文件被修改,在 tcl 脚本中,我们必须提到作为能量模型的模型。...

Energy efficiency of basesation

Application backgroundThe rising cost of energy and increased environmen- tal awareness have sparked a keen interest in the development and deployment of energy-efficient communication technologies. The energy efficiency of cellular networks can be increased significantly by selectively switching...

AODV 60 node work

Application backgroundThe Ad hoc On Demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing algorithm is a routing protocol designed for ad hoc mobile networks. AODV is capable of both unicast and multicast routing. It is an on demand algorithm, meaning that it builds routes between nodes only as desired by sou...

Folding wireless sensor network protocol

Application backgroundthis is flooding protocol in wireless sensor nework.In classic flooding, a node wishing to disseminate a piece of data across the network starts by sending a copy of this data to all of its neighbors. Whenever a node receives new data, it makes copies of the data and sends the...


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