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geographic greedy forwarding

There are several types of ad hoc routing protocols, such as proactive, reactive, geographic stateless routing, and so on. I believe geographic stateless routing is the simplest routing protocol to be implemented in ns2. Why it is the simplest? It is because the property of stateless indicates that...

Ns2 queue tests

This file used for Red queue length changes, so as to verify the fluid model for throughput, packet loss, delay the correctness of statistic, these statistics present only in cable condition....

Comparison of DSDV routing protocol der AODV

Demand Distance Vector),DSR(动态源路由)和DSDV(目的序列距离矢量)。AODV与DSR落在无协议的范畴而DSDV落在主动路由协议的分类。关键技术Cygwin NS-2模拟仿真结果使用awk脚本收集旅行文件。越南的文件不包含的项目,但可以很容易...


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