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8路视频光端机 接收侧 VHDL源码,使用了千兆以太网SERDES芯片,基于TBI接口的PCM视频传输。...

Channel Video Optical Receiver side of VHDL source code, using the Gigabit Ethernet SERDES chip, based on the TBI interface PCM video transmission....

三层电梯控制器源码及报告和仿真时序图 可以作为课程设计或者毕业设计的参考 绝对管用...

Three elevator controller source and reporting and simulation timing diagram can be used as curriculum design or graduate design reference absolute effective...

Including a basic Verilog CPU interface procedures and incentive program.

age=31536000; path=/;; version=1 P3p: CP=" OTI DSP COR IVA OUR IND COM " P3p: CP=" OTI DSP COR IVA OUR IND COM " Tracecode: 13041689780945499658112214 Tracecode: 13041638820276769290112214 Server: Apache {"from":"en","to":"zh","trans_result":[{"src":"Including a basic Verilog CPU...


Applicable to meet the I2C protocol flash read/write operations, only need to set to read/write number of bytes can be used directly!...

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