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一个自动售邮票的控制电路。 用两个发光二极管分别模拟售出面值为六角和八角的邮票,购买者可以通过开关选择一种面值的邮票,灯亮时表示邮票售出。用开关分别模拟一角、五...

An automatic control circuit sell stamps. With two light-emitting diodes were simulated sold hexagonal and octagonal face value of the stamps, the purchaser can select a switch with a face value of stamps, stamp lights that were sold. Analog switch, respectively, of the iceberg, the Pentagon and one...

In design of large

In design of large-scale access convergence router(hereafter referred to ACR) forwarding engine, the Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGA!s RocketI/O r multi-gigabit transceiver is used to satisfy the need of high speed and steady interface between forwarding engine and switch fabric. This pape proposes an assis...


In this case the source code files by the user in accordance with the steps the book itself is generated, "Example-2-1 Project_Navigator_Demo source" directory as the source code reference document. "Example-2-1 Project_Navigator_Demo counter" directory for a complete project, including source c...

analog to digital converter

a-- Analog-to-Digital Converter Model -- +-----------------------------+ -- | Copyright 1995-2008 DOULOS  | -- |      Library: analogue      | -- |    designer : Tim Pagden    | -- |     o...

generic mux

You have seen in the setup lab an example of a simple mux. Now it’s up you. You are expected tofinish this task in a few minutes. Your first simple task is to parametrize your mux on a generic NBITparallel version. Copy the test bench tb mux21 generic.vhd and use it as a basis for organizing yours...


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