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一个自动售邮票的控制电路。 用两个发光二极管分别模拟售出面值为六角和八角的邮票,购买者可以通过开关选择一种面值的邮票,灯亮时表示邮票售出。用开关分别模拟一角、五...

emitting diodes were simulated sold hexagonal and octagonal face value of the stamps, the purchaser can select a switch with a face value of stamps, stamp lights that were sold. Analog switch, respectively, of the iceberg, the Pentagon and one-dollar coins into. Representing the light-emitting diode...

In design of large

In design of large-scale access convergence router(hereafter referred to ACR) forwarding engine, the Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGA!s RocketI/O r multi-gigabit transceiver is used to satisfy the need of high speed and steady interface between forwarding engine and switch fabric. This pape proposes an as...


2-1Project_Navigator_Demo源代码”目录下为源代码的参考文件。“Example-2-1Project_Navigator_Democounter”目录下为完整的工程,包括源代码文件、综合与实现的结果文件、ISE工程文件等,可以使用ISE工程管理器打开工程,供读者参考-In this c...

analog to digital converter

- Analog-to-Digital Converter Model -- +-----------------------------+ -- | Copyright 1995-2008 DOULOS  | -- |      Library: analogue      | -- |    designer : Tim Pagden    | -- |     ope...

generic mux

You have seen in the setup lab an example of a simple mux. Now it’s up you. You are expected tofinish this task in a few minutes. Your first simple task is to parametrize your mux on a generic NBITparallel version. Copy the test bench tb mux21 generic.vhd and use it as a basis for organizing yours...


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