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Fixed Point Complex FFT

Fixed 128 Point Complex FFT or  8/16/64 point...

Adaptive Filter

Due to increase in environment impairments i.e diffraction, scattering, reflection and rarefaction, consequences are the loss of signal line of sight and interference. Adaptive signal processing is there to overcome these impairments. This code is written in VERY HIGH SPEED HARDWARE DESCRIPTIVE LANG...

FPGA Clock display + flower +LCD

Xlinx sparten 3E experimental Board, clock alarm, alarm clocks to play electronic music, clock, alarm clock with LCD screen display. Written by Pro-testing available.                       &...

SDRAM code

SDRAM will be emphasized in the final code is that the topic dominated by technology, since for reasons of space, it is not possible from the superficial aspects of, so you still need to have technology as a guarantee, while readers interested in memory are absolutely not to be missed, this may be y...

Digital clock design based on FPGA

Specific design elementsTimer function: the basic functions of digital watches, LCD display is required, the display format is hour, minute, second;School functions: user can change the current time.Setting the clock time: the user can set the alarm time, its operation, like school;Hour timekeeping...

VGA display based on FPGA

Implementation of FPGA-based VGA display, measurements compiled too, different version should be changed accordingly (PS: don't know much about)...

HDB3 encoder

Based on FPGA as a hardware platform, QUARTUS II software platform based on EDA tools to achieve the HDB3 encoder/decoder. Because on the QUARTUS II EDA software platform cannot handle bipolar signals, and HDB3 encoder/decoder implementations include: software and hardware components. Piece is based...

LS OFDM channel estimation algorithm for FPGA realization

This program is used to implement hardware emulation LS OFDM channel estimation algorithm, written in FPGA-based development of VHDL, the simulation waveforms of each module, for your reference exchange....

The implementation of Hdb3 encoding based on FPGA

HDB3 code is a bipolar NRZ based on the improvement of the AMI code, not only does it have no DC component in the power spectrum, like the AMI code, and can be self-test error, etc., but also overcomes the time extraction difficulty when there is continuous "0" appears in the AMI...

FPGA drive a single lamp form dot matrix program

The program set up FPGA 5x5 dot matrix driver, the code is relatively simple, this program can be used as a FPGA output control, driving voltage stabilizing chip,and lighting...

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