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VHDL Hammond organ

size:16px;">    Is a Verilog programming keyboard source program, you can run in the Xilinx software, and automatic playback of music, and play features....

cordic algorithm

The design of the cordic algo deals with implementing sin and cos angle for the Cartesian coordinates....

AHB testbench

size:16px;">AMBA 基于 AHB 总线技术为核心的体系结构及其提供的高性能和高的时钟频率达到 ARM 内核、 内存等之间的通信。...

8 bit magnitude comparater with register

size:14.0pt;">8 位规模 comparater 与注册...

Turbo, dual-mode decoder


Verilog LCD code

Application backgroundThis code can be used in the II Verilog VHDL Quartus to write the LCD module and can be used in the DE2 simulation experiments!!Key TechnologyThis code can help beginners to use the LCD display on the FPGA display text and then make appropriate changes can be used in their own...

FPGA EPM3064 control 8 channel switch control

Application backgroundFPGA EPM3064 control 8 channel switch control, to achieve sound signal input and signal mixed.Key TechnologyThe circuit is running reliably and safely, and the input signal selector CD444DJ can be controlled by 8 channels of analog signals.1, to achieve high-speed and arbitrary...


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