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FIR Filter Quartz Project

The Low power Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter for the Digital signal processors (DSP) applications. Since it’s a datapath arithmetic architectural change, the proposed architecture can be applied to any hierarchical architecture where power is the major constraint. Designs were...

vlsi programs

vlsi programs for very basic learneres in which one should get a program for basic gates, some of the combinational and sequential circuit combinatioanl like:gates,adder,comparators sequential :flip flop,register and counter...

aderr about 4 bits

this file .rar it a proyect about the adder of 4 - bit this proyect use to 12 in and 4 out, for your proyect....


his project demonstrates the following audio processing capabilities of the Atlys: · Recording audio data from the LINE IN and MIC jacks to memory· Playing back recorde...

Clock LCD DE2 Series

Edit the pin planner to make it more suitable with your DE2 series board. this  is a clock/timer that uses the DE2's LCD to display the current time. A VHDL-based state machine is used to communicate with the LCD display controller. The Key2 pushbutton resets the time. All VHDL source code is i...


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