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FPGA oscilloscope

FPGA digital oscilloscope oscilloscope, powerful. Waveform can be stored, alter wave size, location, and this is my sophomore year was doing a course design is worth the download, thanks.                                ...

Verilog AD9910 code

Application backgroundAD9910 is a direct digital frequency synthesizer (DDS) with 14 DAC bit, which supports up to 1 GSPS of the sampling rate. AD9910 uses advanced DDS patented technology, without sacrificing the performance of the premise can greatly reduce power consumption. The high frequency an...

DDR2 controller Verilog

Application backgroundVerilog language DDR2 controller, mainly through the control of the user interface control DDR2 DDR2 read and write, this program is to complete a simple write address, write data to DDR2, and then write the address, read data back, to verify the DDR2 read and write.Key Technol...

IIC bus Verilog implementation (read and write 16 for the data)

Application backgroundThis code is the subject of the research in the driver of a peripheral module, in order to read and write commands in the peripheral IIC bus transmission protocol, but because of the device's command and register state to the word as the unit, the general situation of the IIC b...

AD7091R driver (FPGA)

Application backgroundCode is on the Internet to find, and recently to see the DAC and ADC driver, the feeling can also be shared to everyone, I think for the understanding of ADCAnd the working principle of DAC also helps....

verilog code for uart transmission

the low power low cost data transmission teq done by UART chech it once it's writen in verilog language and also it's a protocol based where you are going to specify your own rules for better communication...

Stepper motor control simulation with MODELSIM VERILOG programs all

VERILOG programs with full simulation of step-motor vector (in MODELSIM6 simulation of all), you can directly use to design applications using LATTICE,ALTERA, or XILINX chip select. you can also modify the source code to meet your design requirements...

Floating Point Unit

This document describes the Verilog double precision floating point core, these cores are designed to meet the IEEE 754 standard for double precision floating point arithmetic. Floating Point IP Core (Verilog) The floating point IP core is separated into 7 source files: 1. fpu_double.v...

jpeg encoder on fpga

here jpeg encoder with dct is presented The representation of the colors in the image is converted from RGB to Y′CBCR, consisting of one luma component (Y'), representing brightness, and two chroma components, (CB and CR), representin...

I2C verilog

I2C verilog files. Define a simple interface of I2C. After testing to ensure the using....

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