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jpeg encoder on fpga

height:19.1875px;margin:0.3em 0px 0px 3.2em;padding:0px;list-style-image:none;font-family:sans-serif;font-size:13px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;"> 表示形式的图像中的颜色从RGB转换为Y′CBCR,组成的一个luma组件 (Y'),表示亮度和色度的两个组件,...

1024 pipelined FFT algorithm

FFT discrete Fast Fourier transform algorithm, a signal can be transformedTo the frequency domain. Is difficult to see what some signals in the time domain characteristics, but transformed to the frequency domain, it is easy to see that feature. This is the reason why many signal analysis based on F...

I2C emulation model

space:nowrap;">i2c_slave_bfm.v ---- i2c model i2c_slave_bfm_readme --- 说明文档 该仿真模型可以进行时序参数是否满足要求的检查,可以保证开发者进行自动化的验证。可以高效的进行仿真。 时序参数可以根据不同的器...

Cordic algorithms classical references

space:nowrap;">a survey of cordic algorithms; corcic_elementary function computation using recursive sequences...


The always clause above illustrates the other type of method of use, i.e. it executes whenever any of the entities in the list (the b or e) changes. When one of these changes, a is immediately assigned a new value, and due to the blocking assignment, b is assigned a new value afterward (taking into...

BCH of large quantities of data coding

This is a BCH coded program, previously seen are small amounts of data in less loops, the loop statement is used, so it solves the problem of large amount of data. When using only the data you want to import into it is completely OK, do not believe you can have a try....

Johnson counter

space:nowrap;">所谓Johnson 计数器,其实说白了无非就是复杂一点的流水灯实验。流水灯加上了按键控制,流水灯的开启关闭和变化方向在按键的控制下进行。本实例是带停止控制的双向4bit Johnson 计数器,可以通过LED 灯直观的在学...


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