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FPGA multiplier using routines


FPGA led source

Decoder using verliog,FPGA, use verliog,FPGA, verliog,FPGA, verliog,FPGA, verliog,FPGA, verliog,FPGA, verliog,FPGA, using 8-bit codec verliog's 8-bit codec on the led light on the led indicator led on the 8-bit decoder ......

A High-Throughput Low-Cost Implementation for AES-128 algorithm on spartan3E FPGA

In a real solid-state disk project, we presente a high throughput and low cost solution to implement data security using AES-128 and Counter mode encryption algorithm.  The AES-128 encryption flow has five module including SubBytes, ShiftRows, MixColumns, AddRoundKeys and KeyExpansion. Among th...

Finite State Machine traffic control light

space:nowrap;">This code implements a traffic control light in two ways priority...

Adder structure

Application backgroundThis paper presents a technology-independent design and simulation of a modified architecture of the Carry-Save Adder. This architecture is shown to produce the result of the addition fast and by requiring a minimum number of logic gates. Binary addition is carried out by a s...


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