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On the NIOSII multiprocessor experiment

Through the black Cyclone IV e development boards, achieved through the 5 buttons on the Board and on a VGA display output of Russia block game....


given angle generator logic is used in produces angles to the 16 point FFT processor. These angles are useful in twiddle factor calculation. ...

111 classic instances of Verilog

Verilog HDL is a hardware description language used to countLaw level, the structure level, gate-level switch level a variety of abstract designHierarchy modeling of digital systems. the complexity of system objects by modeling of digital switchesCircuit (for example, PMOs/NMOS), simple (for exam...

Stein algorithm based on GCD

Application backgroundThis is the use of Stein algorithm, to achieve the calculation of two 32 - bit number, the maximum common divisor algorithm, in which uses lines to improve the throughput, and improves the speed of work and outside for the first time, there are two on and turn on the module, fo...


Application background`timescale 1ns / 1ps ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Company:  // Engineer:  //  // Create Date:    15:48:50 11/30/2015  // Design Name:  // Module Name:    semaforo ...


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