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OV7670 driver

This code is sdram vga controller with ov7670 display. Welcome to download and try. Thank you for your support....

AD7091R driver (FPGA)

Application backgroundCode is on the Internet to find, and recently to see the DAC and ADC driver, the feeling can also be shared to everyone, I think for the understanding of ADCAnd the working principle of DAC also helps....

Stepper motor control simulation with MODELSIM VERILOG programs all

VERILOG programs with full simulation of step-motor vector (in MODELSIM6 simulation of all), you can directly use to design applications using LATTICE,ALTERA, or XILINX chip select. you can also modify the source code to meet your design requirements...

UART Verilog code

Including uart baud rate selected transceiver and the underlying file, use any FPGA, proven verilog code....

Verilog code for SDRAM

SDRAM driver, written in the Verilog language, Verilog reference those things is coming from, and is divided into three modules, initialize the module, the function module and the control module, the module which has a total of three modules together. 4bank row width column widths are 12-8-bit SDRAM...

SPI (Verilog)

SPI interface to start the program. Using the Verilog language. Attach testbench. Verification by the appropriate changes can be applied to different...


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