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hello shift module

size:16px;">这是对Verilog编码一个FPGA代码。它使用Altera的Quartus2.And在这个程序中,我们使用一个7段显示HELLO。移位字符每1秒。 50 MHz振荡器包含在DE2板。...

design manager

family的:“颜色:蓝色;“> AMD代表告诉TGDaily。“这些即将到来的CPU和APU);高核心数ARM服务器forhigh密度计算在数据中心;以及重大的改善incompute每瓦每美元和总拥有成本”...

effecient hardware implementation of processor

Central processing unit, the hardware within a computer that executes a programif designed conforming to the Von Neumann architecture, it contains at least an arithmetic logic unit (ALU) and processor registersMicroprocessor, common term for any integrated circuit (IC) that is designed to execute in...

In Altera's Kit 1 Camera DM5 sample code

Application backgroundThis code describe how to running the hardware camera DM5 on Kit DE1. The code is very first step for every image processing on FPGA. The code was developed from the official code of altera. It was added with comment for easy understandKey TechnologyThe key contribution of the...

Four story elevator controller

Application backgroundused to control the lift or elevator and describing the way it functions.Key Technologyit is verilog it is verilog it is verilog it is verilog it is verilog it is verilog it is verilog it is verilog it is verilog it is verilogit is verilo...


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