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hello shift module

This is a fpga code for verilog coding. It use Altera's Quartus 2.And In this program we use a 7Segments to display the HELLO. Shifitng the characters each 1sec. 50mhz osilliator is included in DE2 board. ...

design manager

This is on the heels of announcing thegeneral availability of the processor, code named 'Kyoto,' which dominatesthe small-core server market on every performance benchmark," an <span style="font-size:13.5pt;font-family:"color:blue;">AMD rep told TGDaily."These forthcom...

CTP publishing program, with simple SDRAM Controller

Publishing for CTP card design, front-side USB chip CY7C68013A, support for 32/64/96/128 laser, practical two SDRAM for data caching, stability of USB transfer rates can be stabilized at 20MB (with 5MUSB extension). Note: 1. SDRAM with no self Refresh function, normally for 5 minutes without losing...

effecient hardware implementation of processor

Central processing unit, the hardware within a computer that executes a programif designed conforming to the Von Neumann architecture, it contains at least an arithmetic logic unit (ALU) and processor registersMicroprocessor, common term for any integrated circuit (IC) that is designed to execute in...


Application backgroundKey TechnologyThe design using Verilog HDL prepared has strong portability and use state and realize value addend and meiotic conversion, digital tube is active low, & nbsp; & nbsp; two buttons for active low, FPGA in general application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) speed...

Tiny Microcontroller for FPGAs A

Application backgroundLeros - is a tiny microcontroller that is optimized for AbstractLow-cost FPGAs. Leros is designed with a balanced logic currentOn-chip memory relation. The design goal is a microcontroller toCan be clocked in about half of the speed a pipelined on-chip thatAnd consuming less th...

PFGA stepping motor driver code

Application backgroundUsing the ep4ce22c22c8n chip FPGA, the use of the bridge driver chip stepper motorKey TechnologyUse l293 driver chip to drive the stepper motor.. IR module (clk_48m, reset, out_door, addr, data, data_rd, RD, RW, Grating_a, Grating_b);  Clk_48m data_rd, Grating_a, reset, RD...

LCD controller TFT

Application backgroundUsing FPGA control TFT LCD screen, using Verilog prepared FSM control TFT, control process includes a TFT initialization, clear screen, display pictures. The most important is to according to the specification TFT, written in the initialization process. Also note that the calcu...

In Altera's Kit 1 Camera DM5 sample code

Application backgroundThis code describe how to running the hardware camera DM5 on Kit DE1. The code is very first step for every image processing on FPGA. The code was developed from the official code of altera. It was added with comment for easy understandKey TechnologyThe key contribution of the...

Four story elevator controller

Application backgroundused to control the lift or elevator and describing the way it functions.Key Technologyit is verilog it is verilog it is verilog it is verilog it is verilog it is verilog it is verilog it is verilog it is verilog it is verilogit is verilo...


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