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Traffic light controller FPGA

size:16px;">1. design an intersection traffic signal timing control circuit. Requires the red and green light according to a certain rule and destroyed, and bright lights during the countdown, and running time led/LCD display.2. when the light turned green, for the lanes to allow traffic signal ligh...


family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;line-height:20px;background-color:#FFFFFF;">Developing a Pricing and Legal Project Management Program Data Visualization for Legal: Why You Need It and How To Start Swim Lanes: Mapping Processes While Learning To Swim Just the Facts: Uncovering Cost Recovery Da...

FIR filter

Application backgroundFIR filter design with transposed structure based on delay element as D flip flop unit.The adder multiplier and delay element plays the important role in this design.It is fully constructed for 4 tap FIR filter design with conventional design.In signal processing, a f...

LED osiclator

Application background SIRVE PA OSCILAR UN FRUTO LED es kawai, zholo LO hago por que necesito otro codigo estudielo flojo por que deberia darselo masticado Key TechnologyZH0lo VhDl l0ks, sirve pa presumir y que me den otro codigo gratis, aunque si sintetiza y tiene cierto compor...


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