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Crystal DE2-115 Board camera acquisition program

This base Yu Youjing technology company DE2-115 Development Board, with the D5M500 megapixel camera to achieve the image acquisition, CCD campture main module. I2C Protocol configuration, Bayer format into RGB format conversion, it has SDRAM read/write controller and VGA controller, transformation,...

Ov7670 image acquisition system based on Nios

Fpga+i2c control ov7670+SDRAM FIFO sent to the VGA display, reproduced in bingo, pure Verilog, welcome transplantation. Prepared by the forum of electronictechnology and application of bingo, also equipped with ov7670&nb...

FPGA median filter _ISE and MATLAB program

Application backgroundThe bud Natu plus noise through median filtering, processing the output pixel value matrix, stored in txt. Read the txt pixel value from MATLAB, reset matrix output processed Lei Natu (noise)Key TechnologyMedian filtering algorithm core is to take 9 values (file is 3*3 window)...

Verilog implementation of edge detection algorithm

Application backgroundOn the edge detection of the Verilog program, suitable for image processing of the students look at the graduation thesis and the actual project can refer to....

coventional dct using verilog

this program is used to calculate the discrete cosine transform of an image. the method used to perform dct is the conventional   row -column . dct is very important in image processing to trnasform an image from spatial domain to frequency domain. the program comment will help you to unde...

Turn RGB2S RGB s

RGB transfer code s components in HSI, video enhancement algorithm that is used in the conversion, according to this algorithm can be transplanted to the FPGA, implemented in the FPGA....

VERILOG timing Adder float

Very practical implementation of floating-point Adder. Very practical implementation of floating-point Adder. Very practical implementation of floating-point Adder. Very practical implementation of floating-point Adder. Very practical implementation of floating-point Adder....

Ov7670 image acquisition system based on Nios

Prepared by the electronic technology forum bingo pure Verilog code; while Bingo offer discussion groups discussion related to image processing with FPGA implementation; ov7670 bingo has a related company blog; and the need for students to see; is ideal for just getting started with FPGA implementat...

Verilog the Sobel algorithm

In the FPGA for image processing, using Sobel edge-detection algorithm, is written in the Verilog language used in this algorithm on image contour detection of very practical...

game cordic

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/ormodify it under the terms of the GNU Library General PublicLicense as published by the Free Software Foundation; eitherversion 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.This library is distributed in the hope that it will be...


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