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Crystal DE2-115 Board camera acquisition program

This base Yu Youjing technology company DE2-115 Development Board, with the D5M500 megapixel camera to achieve the image acquisition, CCD campture main module. I2C Protocol configuration, Bayer format into RGB format conversion, it has SDRAM read/write controller and VGA controller, transformation,...

Verilog implementation of edge detection algorithm

Application backgroundOn the edge detection of the Verilog program, suitable for image processing of the students look at the graduation thesis and the actual project can refer to....

de2-115 Development Board - an example of basic rutine

How to use  IR moduleDE2-115  development board works with   a   IR module(model:IRM-V538N7/TR1). You may find the circute under the directory  DE2_115_datasheet\IR_Receiver in the system diskPlease note, it is an intergrated module, only compatible with  8kHz &nb...

Image scaling based on FPGA source program

Application backgroundThis program uses XC5VLX110T to achieve, other devices can also refer to. Image scaling, display and position adjustment function, including VGA display module, IIC control module and image processing module, with the simulation results!...


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