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Binary to ASCII for LCD 16*2

size:16px;">主机 InterfaceThere 是三个寄存器、 指令寄存器、 状态寄存器和数据注册,可见通过主机接口。指令 RegisterWrite 只有 8 位寄存器。当指令字节写入这个寄存器时,指令解码器执行指令。在执行过程中,将设置忙标志 (BF)...

Scoredown code in Verilog

Application backgroundScoredown code in verilog containing 2 modules and 1 module for the testbench. This is a code written to be implemented in FPGA. Inputs are pushbuttons and switches while the outputs are the LEDs. Key TechnologyThis uses Verilog coding to implement the functionality of the...


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