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Image scaling IP

Video scaling and processing IP, has the following characteristics: 1. Maximum support 1280x1024 input/output 2. Horizontally scales the range from 0.25 to 4, vertical scale ranging from 0.33 to 4;3. Support replication, bilinear interpolation and bicubic interpolation algorithm for three; 4. Users...

USB3.0 transmission example

Application backgroundThe effect of high speed transmission of II GPIF interface is verified, and the static image is transmitted through FPGA control chip, and the interface is finished. Transmission of static pictures can be configured according to the size of the FPGA capacity, it is easy to achi...

VGA256 color video processing

To display the character, you first need to obtain a matrix of data, we try font software PCtoLCD2002 (withThere are sets of discs, are also widely available on the Internet under). The font software with 1bit representative color of a pixel,The user can decide which color 1bit data (0 or 1) represe...


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