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SD card controller a detailed design examples, documentation

SD card controller a detailed design examples, documents, brought it back, be used in a project. This project consists of 6 modules (clock, writing, route, reading, testing), contains a detailed description of the document....

Verilog implementation of ARM9 core

Using Verilog HDL language written in an integrated ARM9 processor, can be integrated, for soft-core design and development has great reference value, can be transplanted to the xlinx,Altera FPGA chip platform....

SPI implementation of the Verilog interface clock

Application backgroundSPI interface to achieve the clock frequency and synchronization, master SPI and slave to achieve the synchronous communication.In the main device side of the configuration SPI interface clock must be clear from the device's clock requirements, because the main device side of t...


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mac 控制器设计

本代码主要实现了FPGA设计开发以太网控制器的设计,以及研究了FPGA开发方法和传统ASIC开发方法的区别和优略。主要内容为: 1.阐述FPGA技术的发展历史,现状和将来的发展趋势。 2.详细说明了FPGA设计开发以太网控制器的全过程,包括...

Verilog programming example

This document CD attached to books in Verilog and VHDL for digital signal processing applications, content-rich, about Adders, multipliers, filters, CORDIC algorithm design, especially for beginners....

Verilog implementation marquees

Details of principles for marquee, and assign points to the Verilog language presented for beginners friends to Verilog development is a good recommendation....

Carry look-ahead Adder code

Carry look-ahead Adder is designed to improve the common Adder into parallel Adder, is mainly aimed at ordinary full Adder series carry each other when the delays are improved. Carry look-ahead Adder is through the addition of a logic circuit is not very complicated to do this. Using lookahead Adder...

Homemade MIPS processor Verilog code

This is the DIY MIPS32 processor code, is a SOC, on-chip integrated SROM, DRAM, and UART, timer, and GPIO. Reference CPU a homemade book, modify access memory protocol. Analyze processor works, unlock the mysteries of the processor, great satisfaction can be obtained....

General Lord Jianye

Application background APB bus can  be used to bridge a slow peripheral slave to a high speed apb master. The ARM Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture (AMBA) is an open-standard, on-chip interconnect specification for the connection and management of functional blocks in system-on-a-chip...


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