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GPS receiver baseband processing module

space:nowrap;">This project contains a GPS receiver baseband processing module, including demodulation of signal acquisition and tracking, message, etc. srcAD_12to4.bsf ... AD_8to4.v ... AD_8to4.v.bak ... Carrier_NCO.v ...dsp_addrdecoder.vhd ...fft_pack.vhd ... L1_Acquisition.v ... L1_A...

CRC check code in Verilog

Communication is often used in the CRC checksum, CRC data checksum generation and verification using the same file, which also includes its own write a testbench as well as a description of documents, necessary works can use can be downloaded directly to the...

Hdb3 veriolg HDB3 encoder

family:'宋体';font-size:10.5pt;">HDB3 (High Density Binary-3) code is one of the AMI code improved. HDB3 code keep AMI code advantage, overcame the AMI code in the face of even the "0" when it is difficult to extract timing information is difficult, so widely used. CCITT recommendation HDB3 code...

FIR LMS filter

Adaptive array antenna processing has revolutionized the current wireless communication systems. Least mean square algorithm is one  of the most frequently used adaptive algorithm for different purposes like noise filtering and also are currently deployed in Smart antenna technology. Weights ar...

Convolutional coding

Complete the Convolutional code generation, entered as 2 hexadecimal encoding, and encoding of the output for the two, using (2,1,3) Convolutional coding, one input, two output, mainly used for wireless or wired communication channel coding, and user-friendly high coding efficiency, error correction...

iic master - source code created by me

iic master  functionread and write in single bit by using iic and print the output on the LED. The code includes  several models. ...

verilog FIR

FIR filter design is a communication of the Verilog code, can be used in the project. This is a cosine function 50 litre filter attenuation greater than 50dB, ripple is 0.3dB....

Ethernet MAC



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