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FIR filter FPGA

Application background& nbsp; FIR (fini te impulse response) filter is the most basic components of digital signal processing system, which can ensure any amplitude frequency characteristics at the same time a strictly linear phase frequency characteristics, and the unit impulse response is limited,...

verilog FIR

FIR filter design is a communication of the Verilog code, can be used in the project. This is a cosine function 50 litre filter attenuation greater than 50dB, ripple is 0.3dB....

Ethernet MAC

This is Ethernet MAC source code written in verilog language.It has synthesis and simulation environments data....

DDS DAC chip, adjustable frequency 500KHz ~ 5MHz

Application backgroundMainly used in RFID, communications and other industries, for instance, digital sampling local oscillator signal, the signal of the receiver, and so on, can also be used as test a signal generator with adjustable amplitude, frequency source, very helpful for testing and designK...


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