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VHDL and verilog implementation of clock 20 and 50 and 10 and 30 Mhz generation

fpga implemantaion of clock generation. if  i am working on 50 mhz clock generation i want to design clk counter with some clk 10mhz geneartion then what can i do for that one to implemneting 20mhz from 50mhz without using any ip core directly using coding tecniques we can imp...

Verilog ALU

Its a ALU proyect in Verilog, the ALU is a description that you can use if you want to +*/-|^ with byts...


This is a proyect made in verilog sours code, the proyect is about of transmit byts from one basys to another 3 basys with a protocol of tranmition and receptions of bytes...

mini_aes verilog code in xilinx ise design suite

# $Id: README,v1.1.1.1 2005-12-06 02:47:45 arif_endro Exp $Directory Layout.|-- bench  -> the test benchdirectory| |-- data   -> data files,`ecb_tbl.txt' file used for verification.||-- doc    -> documentationfiles|`-- source -> the VHDL source of this proje...

aes-128bit encryption

The decryption process follows virtually the same order asencryption except for another round of mix columns on the generated keys beforegiving them to the add round key step. This flow is clearly explained in theFIPS-197 document.The encryption/decryption sequenceInput data and key is fed in two bl...


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