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Hand Tracking And Recognition with OpenCV

Computer Vision is in many ways the ultimate sensor, and has endless potential applications to robotics. The hand tracking is based on color recognition. The program is therefore initialized by sampling color from the hand.The hand is then extracted from the background by using a threshold using the...

MFC testing tools for realizing a socket communication (containing the UDP multicast, UDP,TCP)

This program, implemented by MFC dialog based Windows Socket communications, enables TCP traffic, UDP traffic, respectively, as well as UDP multicast communication. You can send strings can send 16 binary data. Socket with non-blocking mode, and is triggered by an event....

Stone age pet growth calculator

Can accurately calculating the pet growth stalls. Used with pets rebirth calculator you can find out a pet growing up, it's easy (PS: now only calculated growth stalls in the 130--part of the servers adjusted growth growth rates range from 100--more pets, pet calculations below this growth interval...

RFID read/write routines

Offers RFID development source code, VC series, showing how RFID card encryption, how to self-destruct. Serial communications support RS-232 (RS232), RS-485 (RS485), baud rate selectable, optional RFID antenna, reader frequency can be adjusted. Provided RFID card reader power control method, power a...

Serial Indiana

Application backgroundSource code contains two parts: source server and client source code, source code can be perfect compile and stable operation, is a very classic perfect game source code!...

Socks 5 protocol proxy server programming Socks5] [HTTP proxy server ProxyServer...

Socks 5 protocol proxy server programming Socks5] [HTTP proxy server ProxyServer []...

VC源代码管理软件之 CodeHelp(无源码)作者姓名:祝小斌邮件地址:thinkry@263.net开发环境:VC6.0 Windows 2000测试环境:...

VC source code management software capital CodeHelp (without source) Author Name : Chuxiaobin mail address : development environment : Windows 2000 VC6.0 test environment : Windows 2000 functional overview presented :========== ========== programmers may tend Pains : Programming ofte...


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