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Expression recognition program

This is the source code of expression recognition program, it can recognize expression through video after connecting with the camera. ...


engage in a number of VoIP original code, including MGCP, SIP, RTP/TRCP, SRTP (encrypted RTP) ... other source reference value unlimited! ! But it all my collections A, I have dedicated to you : =)...

使用OPENCV进行运动目标跟踪,在Visual C++ 2005 环境中使用新算法实现多运动目标的跟踪和检测。...

this is a object motion tracking system with Visual c++ 2005 and opencv。it can process successly check and track multi-objects。...


Automatic focus, has been completely compiled tests can use, look right look for AF program to help people!...

Contours and graphics fill algorithm

Contours and graphics fill algorithm, which contains the algorithm....

新 Pelco D 的控制命令,在原有的基础上把整个程序补全,可以正确编译...

new control orders, the original on the basis of the whole process filled, the compiler can correct...

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