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C implementation of FFT algorithm

FFT algorithm c language, including FFT algorithms, presentation and implementation of c...


CascadeSVM is a hierarchical SVM and SVM is a way of distributed processing, it can achieve rapid training and testing, and improve the performance of single-node...

著名的LAPACK矩阵计算软件包, 是比较新的版本, 一般用到矩阵分解的朋友也许会用到...

Well-known package LAPACK matrix calculation is a relatively new version of the general matrix decomposition used in the Friend may be used...


EMD decomposition algorithm C language, containing the decomposition EMD cubic spline interpolation algorithm C language....


RBF RBF multidimensional spatial interpolation algorithm for space scattered surface reconstruction, better than polynomial interpolation...


the document to the c Math Library! It is a very useful programming tools. It contains a variety of mathematical functions, for science, engineering application procedures for the preparation of convenience!...

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