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Anti Rootkit kernel source code

space:nowrap;">NtosTools(Anti Rootkit)源码,类似于冰刃,比冰刃更加强大的内核管理工具源码...

Audionet Device Driver (WDM)

space:nowrap;"> The goal of Audionet is transparently networked audio interfaces primarily for Windows. It is based arround a windows audio driver supporting multiple audio streaming procotols: - raw PCM streaming - RAOP or Airtunes 2 (in planning) Installation ------------ Compi...

Optical drive read/write VC source code


WMI using VC driver installation routines

WMI using VC driver installation routine. Applicable under VC++6.0,WinXP,Win2000, by calling this DLL implement device driver installation....

Protection driver

Just install the DDK, the command prompt enter build Makefile and sources were located under the directory sys a beginner in DDK can be compiled the first...

Loopback Audio Driver

size:14px;">反反复复的音频驱动程序是 Windows 驱动程序模型插头和玩虚拟的音频设备驱动程序。它可以用作在 windows 操作系统中的假/虚拟声卡。此项目的源代码使用端口类。我们可以路由媒体播放器 Winamp 像的输出到波音频记录器...


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