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Anti Rootkit kernel source code

NtosTools (Anti Rootkit) source, similar to the ice edge, more powerful than the ice edge management tools of the kernel source code...

Audionet Device Driver (WDM)

===== Audionet ===== The goal of Audionet is transparently networked audio interfaces primarily for Windows. It is based arround a windows audio driver supporting multiple audio streaming procotols: - raw PCM streaming - RAOP or Airtunes 2 (in planning) Installation ------------...

Optical drive read/write VC source code

Drive control program, can control the optical drive open and read and write, and hungry for file copy-delete operation...

WMI using VC driver installation routines

WMI using VC driver installation routine. Applicable under VC++6.0,WinXP,Win2000, by calling this DLL implement device driver installation....

Protection driver

Just install the DDK, the command prompt enter build Makefile and sources were located under the directory sys a beginner in DDK can be compiled the first...

Loopback Audio Driver

Loop back Audio Driver is a Windows Driver Model Plug and Play virtual audio device driver. It can be used as a fake/virtual sound card in windows os. This project source code uses port classes. we can route the output of a media player like Winamp to wave audio recorder or to internet mus...


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