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Simulation Unix file system

Each file system not only includes the files and data, including the tree structure of the file system itself, and sub directories, links, access to information, it must also guarantee the safety and reliability of the data. Unix file system calls include files opened and closed, files are created a...

SPI bus source code. Can be a very good learning SPI bus and SPI communication

SPI bus source code. Can be a very good learning SPI bus and SPI communication...


easyVM is a virtual machine, to simulate the 8086 and some simple peripherals, you can run MS-DOS 6.22. Is a college graduate design work. Watching the snow Forum Top essence, is a rare study of the virtual machine and code reference implementation....


the procedure is simulated using two disk directory structure of the file system file manipulation, it can be achieved on some basic document management, such as : read, write, delete files. Through this procedure can grasp the principle document subsystems to enhance the structure of the two file s...

Experimental demonstration of the operating system code (three experiments, oper

Experimental demonstration of the operating system code (three experiments, operations management, memory management, document management)...


C++ Write the operating system and realize the principle of simulated OPT page replacement algorithm for the source...


BUAA operating system source code required for curriculum design, including window and linux operating system in all four test...

Orange s:一个操作系统的实现(书附源码)chapter3.rar

Orange' s: an operating system implementation (source code attached to the book) chapter3.rar...


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