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Face recognition source code

Application backgroundFace recognition system has a wide range of applications: face recognition access management system, face recognition access control time and attendance system, monitoring management of face recognition, face recognition and computer security guard and search photos of face rec...

radon 变换,用C++编的,是一个外国教授编的

radon transform, the C series is a series of the foreign professors...

机器学习各种分类器代码,C#。 包括AdaBoost,DecisionStump,NearestNeighbout,SVM等,包括测试数据的生成...

A variety of machine learning classifier code, C#. Including AdaBoost, DecisionStump, NearestNeighbout, SVM, including the generation of test data...


bt download c# code to use prepared, want to let everyone satisfied with the...

运动会分数统计数据结构实验题目大致是有男子项目M 女子项目N若干的参赛队 每个参赛对有若干的选手最后统计比赛后个队成绩...

Games scores of statistical data structure experimental subjects are generally a man woman item M N some of the project teams each have a number of entries to the competition's final statistics after the team results...

Windows Shell Namespace Extension Framework This sample and how

Windows Shell Namespace Extension Framework This sample and how-to guide shows you how to use C# and PInvoke to build a reusable framework for writing Windows shell namespace extensions. It includes three sample shell namespace extension projects....

如何UDF计算轴向,切向,径向的速度分量 计算内部面上的质量流量及最大温度 计算每次喷射的平均路径长度 非定常求解器的自动迭代...

How to calculate UDF axial, tangential and radial component of the calculation speed of the internal surface of the mass flow rate and maximum temperature calculated for each injection, the average path length of unsteady automatic iterative solver...

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