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Data fitting C++ source code

Smooth fitting for scattered data using C++ language has developed the program, results than with MATLAB, show the effectiveness of the program, and the computational efficiency of the program will be higher, and can be compiled into exe running independent from programming environment, engineering...

Read the serial port of the source code

Serial port is a common computer interface, with less cable and communications simple and widely used. Common serial is  RS-232-C  interface (also known as  EIA RS-232-C) it was  1970  years by United States electronic industry association (EIA) combined with Bell Syste...

Stack data structure after the expression is evaluated

This program uses Postfix expression is evaluated, which uses a stack, infix expression evaluation is needed to two stacks (operand stack and operate Fu Zhan), so the reader as long as about infix expression and Postfix expressions Conversion between, and Postfix expressions evaluation process. On...

An imitation of access are available in the embedded database software source code

A mock access available for embedded database software source code, you can edit the generated a small database files, this file can be used for embedded systems....


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