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Using c (Crypto++) Realize, based on the serial number of ecc generated code, including test data, and documents ECDSA...

RSA encryption realize, I hope to be helpful to everyone to study the algorithm...

RSA encryption realize, I hope to be helpful to everyone to study the algorithm is a very painful thing, a lot of U.S. efforts...

IBE identity

IBE identity-based encryption system of the decryption process, using VC6.0 Development...


Generate large prime numbers and testing, and to generate RSA1024-bit public key subroutine, do not use library files, source code is open, clear and annotated...

Elgamal encryption algorithm

This is a very good source for a lot of children's shoes are very good sources of, and the procedures are easy to understand. This program is running in the VISUAL C++6.0, but should also be able to run on a different version of the software....

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