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Vc++ use the MFC EXCEL file to create + edit + save the source code

Application backgroundVisual C++ Microsoft, (C++ MSVC, Visual, VC++ or VC) is the Microsoft company launched the development of Win32 environment program, object-oriented visualization integrated programming system. It not only has the advantages of automatic generation of program framework, flexibl...

QT Visual inspection interface design

Ø The leftmost part is an equivalent of Explorer parts, future plans for the entire Visual monitoring picture library management. Click on the lower left picture in the list control can achieve previews. Ø For individual surveillance camera pictures of the day on the right database manag...

MFC-based multimedia player

1.1. To achieve functional(1) can be recorded by audio interface operation(2) You can play back the recorded voice interface, or other audio files(3) can be recorded by video interface operation(4) You can play back the recorded video interface, or other video files(5) can play pictures1.2. Submissi...

WPF simple drawing program source code

Written in c # WPF one simple lottery system, mainly contact WPF, hope all learn WPF together, I will try to make better work in the future, we hope the exhibitions!...

CtabCtrl color settings

CtabCtrl control to change color, how to change the color of the label sheet. Application of tab spaces. CtabCtrl control to change color, how to change the color of the label sheet. Application of tab spaces. CtabCtrl control to change color, how to change the color of the label sheet. Application...

Oscilloscope simulation code

Super cool interface. You do simulation or Instrumentation related to professional students of great use! Very high degree of simulation, you can draw a curve! Wish I could help you, please thanks...

MFC redraw the progress bar code

The MFC progress bar is redrawn, implement the redrawing of a progress bar color and background color, the user can according to their own needs changes the color of the progress bar and progress bar color change with changes in progress...

Source-read bitmap bitmap controls into the picture box and automatically adds scroll bars

A classic use of bitmap control adds a scroll bar to achieve picture bigger than the picture control automatically displays when you scroll, scroll picture refresh to match....

A transparent control

TransparentCtl.vcproj This is Lord of the VC++ projects generated using an application wizard project files. It contains a version of Visual C++ that generated the file information, as well as selected with the application wizard information about the platforms, configurations, and project feature...


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