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File transfer

Technology used: used to select multi-threaded, asynchronous communication model, read large files while tarball also contains some relevant information. Start the program twice, one as a transmitter and a receiver. Files can specify the storage path when you receive, or you can rename....

MediaPlayer music player based on MFC to write

MediaPlayer music player based on MFC written interface is rendered, a playlist that contains all the source files, run the compile and error-free, can be used. For beginners to learn....

Network communication program

Using Visual c++6.0 development of network communication program, based on TCP/IP communications principles, tested on a WIN7 system, you can refer to....

FTP VC client server

Application backgroundVC prepared by the FTP client server, the main users in the LAN to build file sharing services, to provide the source codeKey TechnologyVC prepared by the FTP client server, the server is mainly to start FTP services, configure the user name and password and directory permissio...


Application backgroundBLACK RainQUANTUMAuthor=r3ginaldR3ginald@gmail.comHttp://;Theme was based on the UI interface of the touchscreen devices used in Quantum of Solace the, latest James Bond film. Below is a list of widgets I made: This- Appl...

Powerword VC+++ faux screen takes the word procedure

This is a VC+++ like kingsoft screen takes the word procedure, more suitable for people who are studying the matter.. ......

Cool industrial display interface! Instrument panels are simulated.

Interface displays cool, you see. One is the analog instrument panel with, the other is the pointer indicates the three prompt bar's cool performance! Like friend requests and praise one, just give it a score, lol....

Server test program vc++ program

Application backgroundIn network programming, the most common solution isKey TechnologyOn the Internet to find a lot of information, is now integrated into the information, a detailed introduction of the socket programming under VC, and provide a server client specific examples...

CButtonST class

Application backgroundSince the draw button Button, XP style, painting frame and background frame, -Windows VC MFC BUttonKey TechnologyVC + + to develop the XP style button, XPButton button XP style, in order to get rid of the VC development of ugly contrl VC + + development of the XP-style button,...

GridControl 2.27

Application backgroundGridControl control is a very good grid control, the use of the VC platform is very broad and very flexible. Can be seen on the basis of the CListCtrl is customized and extended.Key TechnologyGridControl has the following operations and functions:  the cell can use the mou...


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