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File transfer

Technology used: used to select multi-threaded, asynchronous communication model, read large files while tarball also contains some relevant information. Start the program twice, one as a transmitter and a receiver. Files can specify the storage path when you receive, or you can rename....

Powerword VC+++ faux screen takes the word procedure


Cool industrial display interface! Instrument panels are simulated.

Interface displays cool, you see. One is the analog instrument panel with, the other is the pointer indicates the three prompt bar's cool performance! Like friend requests and praise one, just give it a score, lol....


family:'Trebuchet MS', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">高粪点饮料 quá ngắn.Hãy chú ⑤: Mã mà không 莫 tả 干草 sẽ bị xóa và bạn sẽ không nhận được bất cứ điểm.Vui lòng 莫 tả nó tốt hơn để c...

Browse icon control design of MFC programming codes


Write dirty rectangle drawing

space:nowrap;">早期自己写的脏矩形绘画,仅供参考  GDI 和 GDI+方式2种绘画, ...

MFC sample project


Windows Excel-like tables, graphical controls

size:16px;">类似windows excel 表格的图形控件,这是个demo,表明了各种不同特性的使用方式和实际效果;大家可以参考一下,还是不错的;...


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