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On Screen Display Examples

On Screen Display Examples, Use Endpoint api to development the On Screen , Use Visual studio C++ , Audio API, to Get the Volumen of system , and display on the Screen . ...

Student information management system

Student management information system, uses linked list stores student information, use the index to search for ways to achieve access to student information and modify students files of information stored. The information on this system can be less than 100,000 students achieve rapid action, includ...

To view the file version information

You can choose your own file such as EXE or DLL view version information, copyright information, compile the modified attributes such as great resource Oh!...

Microsoft FileDialog space

File select controls,FileDialog  Windows platform class to display a dialog box window, from which the user can select a file. When you use FileDialog browse folders, how to set the default open a path I had a control, using it to open a folder browse dialog, and the path to the folder that was...

EVC to write your own list classes

In WINCE using EVC to develop, prepared a list of classes and compiling practical. The initialization list style can be very convenient, modify column width, spacing, font size, style, and can achieve list blink, individually modifying header style....

C # programming images

I use c # programming image editing interface, able to choose pictures, has cut button, cut is saved to the local...

MFC Visual programming

Modal dialog boxes, modeless dialog box to locate the file (how to find more than one file) questionnaire Calculator (subtraction, multiplication, and Division) for skin (default) response to the color adjustment dialog box (colors, brushes) multiple choice (how many optional features) menu toggles...


Used to implement multi-split window. A window is used to find a window to display the contents of a file lookup. You can see the implementation file dialogs, such as multi-window to achieve a small program...

Capture video with camera

Read file, read and write file, capture video with camera. Create a link, open the request link. Send request....




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