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On Screen Display Examples

size:14px;line-height:1.5;">屏幕显示的例子,使用端点API来开发的屏幕,使用Visual Studio C ++,音频API,获取系统的体积,并在屏幕上显示。...



Capture video with camera

Read file, read and write file, capture video with camera. Create a link, open the request link. Send request....


space:nowrap;"> 用VC++实现不规则圆形窗口,很好的实例,功能比较基础...

VC++ creating a Web page


Cool status bar

Right corner of the status bar are generally three columns, the code expands to five, and after clicking on the number more or less. Can be set to a picture when you click you can switch. Status bar and scrollbar with Oh!...

Stupid calculator

Fool simple c language calculator applies to Windows platforms, can be used as a reference for beginners, beginners Win32 application developed in c language can be used as the basic frame of the dialog box, message control can be used for basic studies, only to learn, is not particularly meaningful...

VC color selection combo box source code


Simple yet efficient MiniGIS program

The VC program can read map data in every province in China, and then draw the provinces under the VC, as well as for operations such as zoom in, zoom out, roaming, is useful for GIS for beginners to master VC....

A very good control strip

A very nice control, is all I have written, I hope you will like, and contains all common controls, Windows, and so on...


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