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Read display and basic processing of VS2010 file based on Las

Application backgroundPersonal lidar data Las format to read and processing procedures, debugging completely through no debug, can be directly run the learning and subsequent application development. Based on the vc++ VS2010 development, can be used for learning or follow-up development, and hope to...

Car double yellow lines detection

1. pressure detection is based on the double yellow line on the road of the frontal images collected by surveillance equipment for processing, uses smart technology to detect vehicles are double yellow lines, monitor video analysis can be divided into motion detection, object classification, object...

OpenGL rendering mobile keyboard control car

Simple OpenGL draw a car, although it does not look good, but symbolically meets keyboard control. Exchange for beginners to learn, we can all improve....

BarCode the barcode generator-VS2013-Unicode-MFC-complete engineering package

BarCode the barcode generator-VS2013-Unicode-MFC-complete engineering package, windows8.1+VS2013 compiled bySupport Code39,Code93,Code128A,Code128B,Code128C,CodeI2of5,CodeEan13...

Display images with OpenCV in MFC

In Visual Studio 2010, the combined use of MFC OpenCV display pictures. For beginners MFC scholars, can be combined in this case the key learning MFC message mechanism; and can grasp the basic functions of OpenCV...

VTK arbitrary two-dimensional image trimming

VTK arbitrary two-dimensional image trimming program, very nice, by visual studio MFC...

Background subtraction algorithm, multitarget tracking

A multiple-object tracking Matlab code, annotated document. Background subtraction can implement updates in real time. The code to detect and track small targets very well, but after tracking the target is greater than 8, effect a lot-...

Digital identification system source code

Use code comments very detailedThe first step: training network. Training using the training samples. (With or without training in this program because I have trained network parameters saved, the reader can be used to directly identify)Step two: identify. First, open the image (256-color); Thirdly,...


Bezier curve is a widely used parameter curve shape design, shape it through some specific control points to the curve, which is the control point vertices. The code is based on the understanding of Bezier curves, using opengl related application on curved areas, drawing Bezier surfaces in the Visua...

Digital image processing source code VC++

Point operation is used to change the image of the image intensity distribution range point operation is the biggest characteristic of the output pixel value associated with current input pixel values only, this article focuses on using the histogram to view picture information, knowledge of the gra...


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