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LZW screen transmission remote monitoring example

The source code is divided into two parts: client and server, the server automatically starts, the client can scan and start programs remotely, kill the process, download the server files. Nice size....

Video key frame detection

Frame-by-frame to identify key points of the video. Key points in order to speed up detection, using key points in adjacent frames have changed little, by comparing the area around point location of the image to update the key point of the block, key points of succession to prevent any more calculat...

Classification based on invariant moments

OpenCV is used to extract HU invariant moments and then seven normalized revised torque, can adjust the threshold for classification and identification of the target can be used for aircraft, ships, automobiles, target classification and identification,...

CDC simple learning tutorial

Application backgroundHow to make CDC on the output of the text, graphics and text, the use of CPtrArray CClientDC, and CPaintDC, and OnPaint in the relationship between OnDraw and CView,Key TechnologyThe realization of the rolling window, coordinate space, mapping method, device coordinates and log...

Gray level image histogram equalization

Application backgroundAchieve image histogram equalization, do preprocessingFunction cvEqualizeHist uses the principle of the input image histogram equalizationNormalized image luminance and contrast enhancement of the methodHistogram equalization of color imageKey TechnologyCvEqualizeHist void (CvA...


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