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Ranging procedures used binocular vision, the image clustering using the midpoin...

Ranging procedures used binocular vision, the image clustering using the midpoint of the same point...


GSA, Gravitation intelligent optimization algorithm is used to solve problems, good special effects!!...

变压器油中溶解气体的故障诊断方法,即IEC三比值法。用Matlab 程序运用的结果进行整理而得到的约简后的故障诊断决策表...

ratio method IEC. Matlab program used to collate the results of the application obtained after reduction of the fault diagnosis decision table...

Matlab GOLD序列的产生 适合学生课程使用 产生31位的GOLD序列

generation of the gold sequence(31 bits) for the convinience of the undergraduate curriculum design...

Handwriting recognition

Interface   digit recognition based on BP neural network training  40 to  60 identifying   implemented by MATLAB...

GPS satellite signal captures Matlab programs

space:nowrap;">GPS卫星信号捕获Matlab程序,采取并行码相位搜索策略,使用1ms数据进行粗捕获, 并使用10ms的长度数据进行载波频率的精确捕获。...

Algorithm for image recognition systems include a variety of processing

Image recognition system includes a variety of processing algorithms, edge detection algorithm to match code...

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