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Eye tracking using opencv

-这一项目可以使人做凝视跟踪时尽量减少依赖使用 opencv 2.4.8 使用常规的网络摄像头执行是在纯 c + + 和理想情况下应作为 windows/Linux 和 mac osx 工作没有问题欠缺所有支持的平台目前该代码被开发在 windows 上使用 visual studio 2012...

UDP/RTP sent in real-time PCR intervals TS stream sample


TS demultiplexer VC source code

time decoding decoding library, implemented with a VC, CD ISO/IEC process for learning, and is helpful for simple TS stream decoding...

LAN chat software based on VC


MP4 file analysis tool

space:nowrap;">用法:myMp4Info.exe   inputFile.mp4;主文件myMp4Info.cpp。...

Stretched desktop obviously shows the plasticity of BMP image

Stretched desktop obviously shows the plasticity of BMP image as, artificial or other programs can be thoroughly debated operations, progress of Seattle as views...


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