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VC multi thread serial communication interface

Application backgroundVC multi-threaded serial communication interface, with switching queries and automatically receive two modes, to send and receive serial data, and also supports large data transfers, feeling very useful library source code....

The process manager

Using VC to achieve similar with Task Manager process management. Including process display, process termination, and other functions. Also includes the display of a particular thread, covered by the particular process module information extraction, and other functions....



Multithreaded development

Dialog box in VC programming instance with a progress bar and two buttons, starting each of the two different threads, multithreading method is displayed in the source code, Two threads also terminate after a while, you can also run with two threads....


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Editor and multithreaded Photo Gallery Properties Search

Actual work has accumulated a large amount of material for use by the entire local area network. Every image or directory has its corresponding properties, LAN users in accordance with the needs to look up the picture he needed, greatly improving efficiency. General idea is using property database r...


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