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Hand Tracking And Recognition with OpenCV

Computer Vision is in many ways the ultimate sensor, and has endless potential applications to robotics. The hand tracking is based on color recognition. The program is therefore initialized by sampling color from the hand.The hand is then extracted from the background by using a threshold using the...

OpenCV vectorization

OpenCV2.3.1 implementation of binarization processing of the picture's outline, and call open source rec2vec implementation of contour's vectorization!...

Using particle filter for target tracking

This is using particle filter multi-target tracking source code. Developed under the opencv1.0+VC6.0 program. Welcome to download and trial. Thank you all for your support!...

OpenCV call camera for capturing human faces and gray processing

Operating platform: visual studio 2010 + opencv 2.4.10. A simple code program, use the following functions opencv library, call the notebook camera for image acquisition, the collected images in real time multiplayer face capture, and gradation processing. After the original image and the image proc...

OCR recognition VS2005

Handwritten character recognition system based on OpenCV main reference article: basically configured according to somebody else's code, after the small change a few parameters, write a document, so as to facilitate learning....

Based on OpenCV and VC, and DirectShow for camera to capture video examples

Based on OpenCV and VC, and DirectShow for camera to capture video examples, and do not need to install DirectX SDK...

Image evaluation (mean, standard deviation, clarity, information entropy)

Image review (standard deviation of the mean value, clarity, information entropy,)...

Rectification of OpenCV cropped

Algorithm of image rectification based on Opencv, using edge detection. An image binarization, black border cropping, correcting the last rotation....

MFC near point interpolation algorithm for image processing and bi-linear interpolation algorithm

To insert the image pixel value parameter has the original picture, new picture objects, as well as two pictures of pixel mapping. Two algorithms, nearest point interpolation and bilinear interpolation, operates by capturing image pixel data addresses, run faster....

Haikang DVR's video capture, motion detection of the source code, as well as the simple character recognition

It was written by one of my haikang DVR card-based video capture programs, including live previews of the video, video compression, motion detection. Moving object extraction based on frame difference method, and tracking of moving objects....

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