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Using particle filter for target tracking


MFC near point interpolation algorithm for image processing and bi-linear interpolation algorithm

To insert the image pixel value parameter has the original picture, new picture objects, as well as two pictures of pixel mapping. Two algorithms, nearest point interpolation and bilinear interpolation, operates by capturing image pixel data addresses, run faster....

Haikang DVR's video capture, motion detection of the source code, as well as the simple character recognition

It was written by one of my haikang DVR card-based video capture programs, including live previews of the video, video compression, motion detection. Moving object extraction based on frame difference method, and tracking of moving objects....

Grid sticker texture

generated grid. Texturing, finally able to generate files in obj format. As novices, so no debugging is successful, but must be able to do the texturing, typical texture mapping, on the construction model of learning help....

Barcode recognition source code-picture barcode reading

Product bar code reading source code, uses a camera captures the picture after the code resolves the barcode VC6.0 compiled, added to the automation project in bar code identification of the product is a good choice, welcome to download....

Image registration algorithm based on edge features

family:宋体, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">Image registration algorithm based on edge feature is a different time, a different sensor (imaging devices) or under different conditions (weather, light and camera position and angle, etc) for two or...

YUV video player

size:16px;"> 程序是在Microsoft VC++6.0环境下进行的,利用MFC对话框应用程序进行开发,可以播放多种分辨率的yuv视频,具备简单的播放、暂停、帧记录功能。      YUV播放器制作大致包括三步:读取视频数据、将YUV视...

MFC CImage class


Vs write bitmap frame-difference method

space:nowrap;">Vs write bitmap frame-difference method Based on background subtraction and frame difference law combined with Adaptive background updating method for moving target detection and This paper has the motion detection and background updating method implementation co...


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