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Poisson surface reconstruction

space:nowrap;">Poisson surface reconstruction creates watertight surfaces from oriented point sets. In this work we extend the technique to explicitly incorporate the points as interpolation constraints. The extension can be interpreted as a generalization of the underlying mathematical f...

Hough found on testing from other websites, VC + + source code

Open the picture format supports BMP, need a black background pictures, size is less than 384*288 is better, set the circle you want to detect the number of parameters such as the radius of a circle, click the button, picture can get a circle with the circle's outline....

DWT&SVD digital watermark

layered secure,robust and high capacity image watermarking algorithm。...

Two images gradient

space:nowrap;">Two images gradient, using openCV, C++ implementation, you can set the parameter changes the number of gradient images...

OPENCV Adaptive threshold


Mpeg-4 Encoder

4 视频编码程序, 使用 C 编写。 如果想了解 Mpeg-4,请查看此代码...

The right mouse button to adjust brightness, contrast BMP images.

255? -1.0f : contrast / 255.0f; if (contrast > 0 && contrast < 255)  cv = 1.0f / (1.0f - cv) - 1.0f; BYTE values[256]; for (INT i = 0; i < 256; i ++) {  INT v = contrast > 0? CheckValue(i + bright) : i;  if (contrast >= 255)&nb...


>GetData();//找到原图像的起始位置  LONG lWidth=m_pDib->GetWidth();    //获得原图像的宽度  LONG lHeight=m_pDib->GetHeight();  //获得原图像的高度  // 灰度计数变量初始化  memset(gray,0,sizeof(gray)); &nbs...

Graphics processing

-截图示例,基于DirectX的截图示例,你看懂了话都能截图了。要编译此程序需DirectX SDK5.0示例中的ddutil.h与ddutil.cpp文件,请自行加入工程。要运行此程序需DirectX 3.0以上版。...


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