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Template matching target recognition

Application backgroundTemplate matching is the basis of object recognition, and the region of the maximum gray level of the object is detected in the target image....

OpenCV based face detection

OpenCV detection principleMain steps as follows:1. load classification.Reads XML formatted file using the cvLoad function. File install OpenCV directory2. read test image. Read into the picture or video.3. detection of human face....

Image processing

VS2005 development platforms, various algorithms for image enhancement, including linear and non-linear (exponential, logarithmic transform) transformation and a variety of low-pass filter, high pass filter....

VC++ image mean value method

VC ++ to do with image and graphics processing means method, the noisy image denoising...

Double buffered graphics

Double buffering helps you understand the DC creates a bitmap selected into and mapping methods...

Median Filters for noise reduction

This program creates types of median filters (5-point cross-shaped, 1x2, 1x3, 2x2, 3x3, 3x4, 4x4, 4x5, 5x5, 7x7) to reduce salt-and-pepper noise in an image (sample images is included in project file). I also calculate the MSE value to determine the quality of median filters as well as plot the grap...

Face detection

Application backgroundThe face of the camera, video, pictures in the detection, and recorded the number of human faces...

Image brightness change

Application backgroundBrightness transformation refers to the image in the spatial point of operation, usually including image enhancement, brightness contrast adjustment, GAMMA adjustment and histogram adjustment, etc.. An example of the source code shows how to change the brightness and contrast o...

Trying to figure out how

Third-party third-party fangsidifensidifen third djsdhsadkasjdijmkjfmdppioasjdiop...

Three dimensional graphics design (blanking) the original code

AppWizard has created this hidden application for you. This application not only demonstrates the basics of using the Microsoft Foundation classes but is also a starting point for writing your application. This file contains a summary of what you will find in each of the files that Make up...


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