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size:14px;">这个项目是非常有趣的。 您可以移动你的鼠标没有碰它。 描述: 它允许您移动鼠标通过摄像头。 你只需要放置一些红色的彩色的对象,你的镜头前,它将检测该对象,并朝着这个方向前进...

VC++ highlights of the video-production instance

Detailed description: VC++ example of video development highlights, including "remote video surveillance" 13 classic examples, such as speech recognition systems....

Convert H264 to YUV420 source code

size:14px;">Main function of source code is standard h264 video streaming data into YUV420, algorithm simple, we want to help....

Computer screen video

To record desktop video, is hidden at run time, by ctrl+alt+F3 and ctrl+alt_F7 hidden reality, you can monitor your computer and what they do on their computers...

Video Recording using OpenCV

size:14px;">This code here records video through you webcam ( Either built-in or USB ) And that video is saved in your computer. Obviously you can change the location and set the path to where you want to save the video.(B.T.W it is set to C drive by default)Prerequisite  : You must have OpenCV...

Using OpenCV reads and displays the video frame

Using OpenCV 1.0 version in Visual c++ 6.0 platform video reading and video frame display, is an introduction to video processing program, you can read AVI format video and display, and save each frame of the picture...


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