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Gdal image stitching

In VC ++ based GDAL library complete image stitching function, splicing the image location, go for overlapping processing is handled behind the image will overwrite the previous image processing to calculate the spatial extent of all of the input file and set then the resolution of the image, the ca...

Comobox smart tips

Combo Box (combo box) control is very simple, can save space. From the user's point of view, this control is a text input control and a drop-down menu. The user can select an option from a predefined list, also can be directly in the text box to enter text....

Advance all formats File compare

Compare two files, counts difference between them. can define error margin for comparing data files with errors (flash disk images) ...

Desktop clock VC realization

Desktop clock VC++ experiment, can be used as a simple course design. Also added a nice picture, nice desktop clock...

Access database test source code

Simple aceess source database program that can provide a reference for beginners or program developers, mainly operating ado integrates a class action against the access database applications...

Gesture detection segmentation codes

This paper presents a new method for gesture recognition, it will image histogram in the direction of a vector (0Hv) combined with the neural network. Characterized by selects the image histogram vector as a gesture in the direction of the vector, the feature vector for the light and the hand Pan ro...

The function to read a PLC tag's value with Ethernet/IP

With this function,after connect the ethernet node successfully,we can directly read the tag's value with Ethernet/IP protocol.It's useful when read AB PLC products....

2 freedom robot arm motion range inspection

It is for 2 freedom robot arm motion range inspection. public class TDraw{private PictureBox picbox = null;private Bitmap bitmap = null;private Graphics graphics = null; private double xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax; // 논리좌표최소최대 // 논리좌표를좌표로public float xpixelp...


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