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RFID read/write routines


MFC implementation calculator function

Development tools VS2012,MFC function calculator based on the dialog box. You can add, subtract, multiply, divide, square root, and features. Have been realized in VC6.0 before, but now replaced by VS2012, part of the code and is not the same in VC6.0, already through....

Cuda parallel programming code

size:11pt;font-family:宋体;">CUDA 是一种并行编程模型和软件环境,用于应对这种挑战,同时保证熟悉 C 语言等标准编程语言的程序员能够迅速掌握 CUDA。CUDA 的核心有三个重要抽象概念:线程组层次结构、共享存储...

Eating fish games


A simple cylindrical light

Object opaque case, only its reflected light surface color. Reflected light by reflection, diffuse emission and specular reflection of the environment consists of three types of components. One environmental incident reflecting incident light evenly from the surrounding environment to a surface equi...

Solution of the quadratic equation

space:nowrap;">在 visual studio c + + pmoschyu 库使系数在字段中,介绍了二次方程的解, 该程序在小的屏幕显示可用根。...

C-based internal rate of return method

size:14.0pt; font-family:" >C language programming ". A method for calculating settlement software cost and schedule of software engineering economics. The establishment of the corresponding project in the visual c++ 6 software, and input data can be run!...

COM + Programming: using C++ ATL Visual and the actual guide

13-088674-2, 560 pagesKey Technology Maximizing COM/COM+ reuse and scalability: practical, enterprise-class solutions! If you’re ready to develop COM/COM+ enterprise applications, start with this practical, solutions-focused guide! Using case studies and real-world code examples, Hew...

Troelsen developed by COM and ATL 3 workshop

zeroborder"> Developer's Workshop to COM and ATL 3.0 by Andrew W. Troelsen  ISBN:1556227043 Wordware Publishing © 2000 (697 pages) Learn how to build sophisticated COM objec...


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